You can now purchase my too-long exhale of a poem from Sad Spell Press!

My friend Dalton wrote a blurb that sent my heart to the top of Mt Hood, where it exploded into a murder of crows:

Danielle Perry’s Phases is a myth. It is a myth but also many myths. These myths are true but they are also real. To be invited inside is to be offered protection. Protection from what? Not the darkness. Not what is revealed when darkness is pulled back. Oh, the moon is so bright tonight. – Dalton Day, Actual Cloud (Salo Press)

My friend Sonya wrote a blurb which took my heart out of my chest and buried it by the roots of a tree in the backyard, where it will protect us all:

One part intent. Two parts receptiveness. An absinthe-soaked sugarcube. A slice of the moon. Danielle Perry’s magic holds hands with Shirley Jackson’s Merricat and Francesca Lia Block, with stories of girls both powerful and confused. In Phases, ritual is performed to reveal, not to control – but there is undeniable power here. And if you hurry, you can watch it forming. – Sonya Vatomsky, Salt Is For Curing (Sator Press)

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