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sun square neptune

you were twenty / when you realized / that you asked the impossible / of the people you loved // you wanted them to save you / to love you / into wholeness //


hello, pals! the wonder-stars over at nostrovia have selected my chapbook manuscript oh you libra as one of the finalists in their chapbook contest! all of the finalists were featured over the weekend, & as a part of that, you can read the rest of sun square neptune over there!


the wrath of the lamb

how does obsession start? / a fishing lure hooked in the brain / a fire burning you up from the inside / first one betrayal / and then another // and then you realize that something in you / has changed / irreparably // you give up / everything / that was once important to you //

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A Prayer to St Dymphna

a golden charm of st dymphna
her name at the top
and at the bottom:
pray for us

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now available: PHASES


Today is the day! You can now purchase my too-long exhale from Sad Spell Press! It has blurbs from the too-wonderful Dalton Day and Sonya Vatomsky!

reviews: probably crying

ANNOUNCING: Phases, a chapbook by me!


I am SO PLEASED to finally exhale this secret magic into the world: Sad Spell Press will be releasing my chapbook, Phases, at the end of November! (Don’t worry, I’ll update again with a link for purchasing when one is available!)

For now, check out this blurb by my friend Dalton, which sent my heart to the top of Mt. Hood, where it exploded into a murder of crows:

Danielle Perry’s Phases is a myth. It is a myth but also many myths. These myths are true but they are also real. To be invited inside is to be offered protection. Protection from what? Not the darkness. Not what is revealed when darkness is pulled back. Oh, the moon is so bright tonight. – Dalton Day, author of Actual Cloud (Salo Press)

the witch is dependent on her solitude

the witch is dependent upon her solitude: locked
away in her coffin, spinning webs to ensnare anyone
foolish enough to enter her forest.

(he’ll say it’s his forest, of course he will, more fool him
for not knowing that hers is the real power / he is just
an empty shell waiting to crack)

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(what a wonderful birthday gift, to have another of my witch-poems published!)

ritual instructions

walk the road at night.
let the full moon guide you.
ignore the dogs howling.
stop at the yew tree planted at the crossroads.
make your sacrifice.
sweeten it with honey.


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writing round-up

I have two poems in the latest issue of Freeze Ray! The first one is a girl who cannot become a princess is doomed to become a witch, which contains one of my favorite lines I’ve ever written, and the second is unfinished business, about the Battlestar Galactica episode of the same name. (You know the one.)

Additionally, I have two poems about elves & Dragon Age in a little book called Goddessmode, featuring the art of women & nonbinary folks, which you can pick up at the ever-awesome Cool Skull Press! I basically can’t wait to get my hands on it!

And as always, you can find everything I’ve had published by scrolling back up to the top & clicking on “Writing”!

9 lessons in witchcraft

i. the nature of magic

if you do not already understand magic
i am not sure i can explain it to you.

ii. sisterhood

we were sisters, or so the story goes, which
made it very confusing when i realized
that my feelings were not exactly sisterly.

iii. witch, witch, burn the witch

i learned the lesson early:
no one ever chooses the witch in the end.

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not really an update

So, I am continuing to try and figure out what I’m going to use this blog for, but in the meantime, you can check out some of the writing I’ve had published lately:

i. frenzy of the maenads (Voicemail Poems), which should really be listened to & not just read
ii. Sinners & Saints: the short-lived religion of the city of Columbia (Memory Insufficient), in which I pretend to be a theology scholar in the universe of Bioshock Infinite