a writing exercise

an exercise from writing group, about writing group. the prompt was to write a very long sentence and can be found in steering the craft by the fantastic ursula k. leguin.


The group had gathered for the first time—each of them had some connection to the others, but she only knew one of them, or, that is to say, she had met some of the others but only briefly, at the birthday party of the woman hosting the group—they were to be a writing group, but this first meeting was more like a small get-together; there were many bottles of wine opened and drank and she could feel herself getting drunk and charming (at least, she hoped that she was charming; these people all seemed so interesting and attractive and she wanted them all to like her so very much)—she wrote down a joke that they kept coming back to, but later when she would try to explain what a “stack of dicks” was to anyone who wasn’t there, it lost its luster, as inside jokes always do, even when one documents their origins—and so the wine flowed, and she felt that friendships were being forged, and she was glad.