i use exclamation points because they’re free*

hi everyone! to state the obvious: i continue to Not-Write here. but i’ve started writing elsewhere! i started a li’l newsletter, and if you’re interested in tarot, poetry, my weirdo sense of humor, or references to tolkien, i’d love it if you subscribed!

i’ll still probably post here occasionally, when i get around to developing film or getting things published!

* ryan north said this in a post under a dinosaur comic back in 2006 and i have been repeating it ever since


los angeles

2017 was a hard year and posting here fell by the wayside. i’ve had a couple of things published; catch ’em at the writing tag. but meanwhile, enjoy some film from when i went to los angeles last summer!

natural history museum

rose garden

jenny holzer

the garden at the getty


an inside joke

santa monica

apparently i got funny looks for taking this

sun square neptune

you were twenty / when you realized / that you asked the impossible / of the people you loved // you wanted them to save you / to love you / into wholeness //


hello, pals! the wonder-stars over at nostrovia have selected my chapbook manuscript oh you libra as one of the finalists in their chapbook contest! all of the finalists were featured over the weekend, & as a part of that, you can read the rest of sun square neptune over there!

crater lake

wizard island, pt 1

painted sky

trees // raven // lodge


wizard island, pt 2

Like Inanna Descending

Salome taps one foot on the stone floor. Her stepfather the king has called upon her to dance again tonight for the entertainment of his guests. She cannot refuse the king; she can only hope that he is in a beneficent mood. She remembers the words of her mother: dear girl, make sure you get what you want, and if you can’t get what you want, make sure you get whatever you can.

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the coast and the maze

before the pictures: i have new poems! four over at crab fat and two at fuck art! let’s dance.

now, the coast:


little crab

this is why i moved to the west coast

& the maze:

the maze

the corn

the girl

the birds

the ritual circle

the scarecrow

the wrath of the lamb

how does obsession start? / a fishing lure hooked in the brain / a fire burning you up from the inside / first one betrayal / and then another // and then you realize that something in you / has changed / irreparably // you give up / everything / that was once important to you //

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a melange

because i’ve been lax in uploading film stuff.


b. & a.

r. & m.

the carnival

welcome to forest park

the witch's castle

a li'l waterfall

A Prayer to St Dymphna

a golden charm of st dymphna
her name at the top
and at the bottom:
pray for us

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east coast takes the gorge

it was seren’s birthday, so we took to nature.

the gorge

towards portland

hashtag eastcoasttakesthegorge

bridal veil falls

s. (the moon)

at vista house again